"The Savannah-based savant takes it to a new level of “outness,” as in outer space,

on this stirring, mad-genius outing...Playing a custom Martin guitar with a theremin built into the body,

the fingerstyle guitarist is able to sound at once pastoral and otherworldly..."

Bill Milkowski -----------DownBeat 4 1/2 stars out of 5



"I respect and enjoy this guitarist a great deal. And the first half of this is trippy music like the world needs bad. I mean, come on — who doesn’t what to hear a poised space-rock instrumental called “Show Me the Way To the Next Whiskey Star”?..."

Milo Miles --------Miles to Go 2014

"Johnson created a wholly original music that was as dusty as a hobo camp

and as avant-garde as a Frank Gehry building."

John Diliberto-------Echoes Blog 2014

"Celeste is filled with progressive ideas that further establishes Richard Leo Johnson among the leading guitarists of the early 21st century"

Robert Silverstein---------MWE3.com

"Celeste," is a mix of haunting, mysterious and soul-stirring performances.

Jazz Monthly Editorial Interview----------Jazz Monthly